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Hourly Comics Rules
« on: February 13, 2018, 05:39:01 am »
Now more quoted than ever!

Hourly Comics day was started in 2006 by John Cambell, and they were originally consolidated on the original Hourly Comics Forums, here:

As time went on, they eventually drifted onto social networks, hashtags and things. But I prefer them to be all in one forum, you can comment on them more readily, and read several at a time. The social networks have a number of disadvantages:

Tumblr - Commenting is annoying, every 'reblog' counts as a 'note', you might have thousands between every comment. Plus going on the "hashtag" will jumble up everybody's pages, you might have one page of one comic, then three of another, then another, then the next page of the first one. Oh and Tumblr pages don't have any blog-like "calendar", if you want to read a prolific blogger's hourly comic in July... time to search 20 pages!
Twitter - Even less "organised" than Tumblr, the images all pop up in a popup window, if it's too small to read, tough luck!
Facebook - You have to go to people's profiles individually, the size restrictions restrict the number of panels / size of text / scribblyness of a page. And they might have set it to 'friends only' when they uploaded it.
Deviantart - Erm, not bad. But still not as "all in one place"-ey as a forum. And have you ever tried to look for Sexton Blake on there? page after page of blurred photos of rust, before you get to something interesting.
Myspace - All the disadvantages of Facebook, only slower
Google+ - Nobody uses Google+

How to do it:

Every Feb 1st (some people do it on other days, or random days throughout the year, or several days in a row, etc...), draw a comic about what you did for every hour you are awake!

The "rules" are otherwise pretty loose (you don't have to rush to make a comic in a minute if you woke up at 7:59). The main point is to have fun, and be entertaining!

The Internet bit:

At the end of the day (or during the day, or, more likely, the next day!), upload your comics somewhere that allows hotlinking, and then create a thread on here. Use [img] tags to post it. Please make your thread title follow the following format, as follows:

Name - Location (In/Complete!)

The name and location are fairly obvious. If you are uploading a comic during Feb 1st, then add a note to say that it is incomplete. Once it's finished, change this to complete.